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Limited Edition Prints

I have selected three of my favourite images and made them available as a limited edition print run of just 25 prints per image, per size. Each photograph will be printed on Marrutt Pro 265gsm Satin/Oyster paper at either A3  (297 x 420mm) or A4 (297 x 210mm) size and will be printed, checked and packaged by me. These limited edition prints will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity and will be dispatched within sturdy car-backed envelopes to ensure that the print won't be damaged upon delivery.

Please select your print(s) using the form at the bottom of this page. They are priced at £70 for A3 and £45 for A4, including 1st class delivery (within the UK only - please contact me if you live outside the UK and would like to purchase one). If you would like to purchase any of my other images, please visit my 'Gallery' page. If you have seen another image via my social media pages that you'd like printed, please don't hesitate to contact me.


I nearly fell multiple times whilst attempting to capture this wonderful wintery shot of Malham, but it was worth the risk! I'd been up at Malham Rakes to shoot the 'lone tree', but conditions weren't great, so, despondently I drove back down through Malham to head back home empty handed (or empty 'camera'd 'at least) when this scene presented itself to me on a silver platter!

The sun was setting behind The Buck Inn, which lit the sky up nicely, contrasting against the cold, snowy foreground.

Print 'A' - Winter in Malham

I'm very proud of this image. It's proof that there's always a shot out there, you've just got to keep your eyes open and take the blinkers off.


Print 'B' - Sunrise through the Arch

I had semi-planned this shot for a while, but it was still nice to see that it came out well - which isn't something that normally happens when planning a shot... mainly thanks to the changeable British weather!

I was on vacation in Whitby, so I didn't have far to drive for this shot. It was quite a cold January morning, although it doesn't look that way due to the lovely sunrise! There wasn't a soul around, so I managed to capture a nice clean shot of the famous Whalebone Arch in Whitby, with the sun rising within the Arch and behind Whitby Abbey on the opposite headland.


Print 'C' - Soak up the view

This was a quick weekend visit to the beautiful Ilkley Moor to grab a few sunrise shots during the August of 2017.

When I got there, pre-sunrise, I scurried up the hill from the Cow and Calf car park to be greeted by the amazing purple heather - it was begging me to include it in a shot or two - it looked fantastic!

As you can see, the shot turned out very well, and the prints look equally fantastic!

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